крепёжные изделия
из нержавеющих сталей А2, А4
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Москва: +7 (495) 902-65-09, +7 (495) 240-59-05

About company

About company / OOO BEST-KREPEG

Stainless steel fasteners (material: SS A2, A4)
Zink-plated & high-strength fasteners in grades 8.8; 10.9; 12.9
Founded in 2003 "BEST Fasteners" is now the leading supplier of stainless steel fasteners and rigging in Russia. 
Fasteners made ​​of stainless steel are the main focus of our activities. Another activities are the rigging for boats made ​​of stainless steel; blind and closed rivets; galvanized fasteners and high-strength grades 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. 
BEST Fasteners LLC is a member of Association «RosMetiz».
Our product range includes:
- Stainless steel fasteners (material SS A2/ A4, AISI 304/ 316) Bolts, nuts, screws, washers, spring washers. 

- Threaded rods, pins, split pins, rivets. 

- Chains, turnbuckles, spring hooks, ropes, & a variety of rigging hardware. 

- High-strength fasteners in grades 8.8; 10.9; 12.9 

- Blind rivets.

In Moscow our warehouse gives us an opportunity to supply customers with any volume of delivery of fasteners, wholesale & retail. 
Our warehouse feature over 10 000 SKUs in stock and over 80 000 SKUs for the order. We offer the shortest time of delivery to our customers all around Russia.
Our advantages:
- The best price for stainless steel, zinc-plated & high-strength fasteners!
- Wholesale delivery at special prices.
- Flexible terms of payment.
- Our own large warehouse (over 10000 SKU to choose from stock).
- Delivery to any region of Russia.
- Individual approach to the customer.